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Location : South Africa, Mafikeng (North West)
Bio : The poet, author, Tswanshall artist (Tswana version of Dancehall), composer and producer, Ntike (known to us as Tearless), Son of a reverent and a nurse, was born in Johannesburg in 1982. This Gemini was raised in different areas around Mafikeng, he considers himself a Maftownian at heart. Asked why this is, he simply said "That's where I started playing house". Although he started doing rhythm and poetry while he was still in high school during the 90's, it was in 2002 during his tertiary years when he picked up a harmonica that he began evolving into a note-bender he has become today. Although his harmonica skill set is self taught, he attended Mmabana Mmabatho Arts Centre in 2007 and 2008 to advance his musical studies. That is where he started learning to play a flute and a saxophone. He intervenes to wittily highlight "But i'm neither a Flu-zee (Flute Maestro) nor a Sax-Machine (Saxophonist). Even though his other talents, like drawing and composing supersede his ability to play sax, he makes up for it in other areas. As multi-facet and versatile as he is regarded through his body of work by his peers and critics alike, this humble and grounded man still maintains his sense of humor which often puts him across as a comedian with an ability to sing. A breath of fresh air to die hard music lovers from all walks of life who've been bombarded with monotonous material, he, at the same breath, has become a formidable thorn on the behind of most renowned artist in the South African music scene. ​ Known to us as Tearless, this man has a side that beggars a pale description. I asked him exactly where he gets his inspiration for such imaginative songs and he simply replied: “from silence my king, this is where I get to hear God in person”. Having released his well received debut album titled "Absolute Tearless" on the mainstream back in 2007, he has ever since been living a secret life of bees. I asked him just how does he keep himself connected to the art and he said that he often invites just a few of his friends over to his home for a listening session where he shares himself with them like Jesus did with his disciples. Constantly pinching a G-string on his guitar for accompaniment, and pausing for a moment just to blow his harmonicas, Tearless disappeared into his music, and he emerged at the end of a song to tell me that he does not claim to be a guitarist, but he finds his dance-hall drive in it. Now having grown as a poet, a narrator and a singer, he will for the first time, perform with a live band that he dubbed “The Most High” in front of a live audience. From working with a wide array of artists, he has accumulated a unique style that serves as evidence of his journey of self discovery. He is inviting us into his private space. So come and join us on an exclusive detour around his bhundu brewed mind. A world well known to a handful people. ​ Asked about his plans for the future he announced that he is currently working on a few concurrent projects including an album and a book on poetry. ​
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